Earth Structure - Laboratories

A set of 3-hour laboratory activities are used in support of PSG&T lecture material, focusing on spatial skills (maps, sections, projections, etc) and applications of major concepts (stress/failure, strain, tectonics, etc). The activities are derived from multiple sources (old and new) and can be shared with instructors for information only. They are not part of the PSG&T offering and serve as examples only. Sources are identified in each activity. Contact:

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Strike, dip and dip direction. Structure contours or strike lines, cross section, bed thickness, “three-point" problem.
Structural Elements  
Map patterns; geologic boundaries, faulting. Map Patterns 1  

Fault Analysis. Stress and Failure.

Lower hemisphere equal area projections (Schmidt net): planes, poles, lineations, etc. Projections 1  

Plotting, rotation, contouring, computer routine (Stereonet).

Projections 2  
Strain, incl computer routine (StrainSim). Strain  

Geometries, map pattern from folding, projections.

Map Patterns 2  
Stress, Friction and Sliding. Sliding  
Cross-section Balancing. Section Balancing  
Computer-based map analysis (GeolMapDataExtractor, Google Earth). Compumap  
Map Analysis and Synthesis. Map Synthesis  
Plate Tectonics. Tectonics  
Lab Exam N/A